Moog Taurus 1 Replacement Contact Board

The Moog T1 pedals are great units, but suffer from one huge weak spot- the pedalboard contacts.
The pedalboard is the same as a home organ of that era (Lowery, etc) and not up to the rigors of the road.
The stock contact boards often crack since the boards are made of phenolic, a brittle material.
The original silver plated contacts also tarnish over even a short time.
This causes lost notes or even all pedals (located below a bad contact) to stay silent.

In 2007, Kevin Lightner designed a replacement contact board that directly replaces the stock contact board.
The new switches used are 1 million cycle switches and sealed from dust.
The new boards are *thick* (3.2mm) glass epoxy types with full solder mask and seal.
The connectors and pins (new, of course) are the same type that mate with a stock T1.
The board simply plugs in and replaces the original board.
No soldering. Just a screwdriver or two to do the whole job.
The original contact board can be stored away.

These boards won’t break, crack or absorb moisture like the originals.
The contacts do not require any cleaning.
If a switch were to break (not likely), replacements are still available.
(1 million cycles is equivalent to tapping one note per beat at 120 BPM for over 19 weeks straight.)
No change is made to the sound or playability of the Moog.

I am proud to once again offer this product!

Please note: the new boards produced since 2016 are either black or yellow. Previous versions that were made by Kevin were red or green. All new boards are made to the exact same specifications and standards set by Kevin. All boards, regardless of the color, can be exchanged if there are any problems with the board (excluding cracked circuit boards).

Kit $250

Fully Assembled $350