Kevin Louis Lightner

one often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it

Please make any memorial donations to charities involving
animals, cats, lions, tigers, leopards, meerkats, otters, etc.

No donations are to be made to the Bob Moog Foundation or
any other synthesizer-related charity or organization
on Kevin Lightner's behalf.
To do so would dishonor his memory.

Kevin's Thank You Page

Kevin on Find A Grave, a website he frequented often.

There are no formal memorial services planned
nor will any be endorsed by me, his wife and next of kin.
As his wish to have his body donated to science couldn't be granted,
his remains will be cremated.

Thank You to the Analog Synth Community
for paying for Kevin's mortuary bill in full!

Synthfool will remain online as Kevin left it
as long as I'm around. :-)
Click here for a modified version of his old homepage.

If you need a synth fixed, I recommend:
Hernan Baldi (Argentina):
David Daydodge:
LA Synth Co:
Nick Montoya:
Phelps Bros. Guitars:

It was my honor to be Kevin's wife, and I'll spend the rest of my life making him proud of me.
Thank you,
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